Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I thought it might be clover of me to start off my journal with something related to photography and clovers. 

I took a series of clover photos for a 52 Week photo challenge and I was lucky (!!) enough to find a few four leaf clovers and some mutant 5 leafs! I guess that would make me extra lucky? We'll see. I made the photos take on several finishes: Green Chrome, a hand colored pencil finish, a negative and sepia tone in addition to the traditional "Irish Green" color effect.
I had so many colors and finishes I decided to make some Digital Art Sheets with the images.
My Digital Art Sheets are like scrapbook papers that you print yourself! You can use them in art projects, Scrabble jewelry tiles, Scrapbooking, Greeting cards, gift tags etc. Use your imagination!

This is how the Digital Art Sheet turned out and it is available for sale in my ETSY Store: Catino Creations 
I have them available in several sizes.

Have fun creating. I had an afternoon of fun snapping away at the clovers in the grass, on my knees and on my belly when I decided to just take a couple of handpicked hand fulls back to the kitchen and lay them out onto some matboard for their portraits. The clean background lended itself to a graphic image much better than a landscaped background. I never did use the images for the 52 Week Project challenge. Someday I will post more on that Project.

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