Same Old Sunday

Same Old Sunday 52 Week Project
I have seen so many good ideas for a 52 week project where one scene is photographed once a week for a year. Perhaps looking out an office window. Which may work out well if your office is a view of downtown Dallas or something, but not if you office from the front room of your house overlooking the cul-de-sac. There is just not much going on out front. Then I thought about my favorite scene to shoot out in my own back yard that all seems so ordinary and normal to me. 

We are fortunate to over look a pasture that houses Texas Longhorn. COWS! They are indeed my favorite subject to shoot. So to speak. I have even named them with fake names and they come when I whistle! "My" Longhorn heard has grown from five to eight with three new family members last year! Now how many people get to keep a daily eye on longhorn? Not many, no sir-eee.

So I thought I would join in the 52 weeks of fun with a scene out my back window. I will introduce you to my big fuzzy "pets" as they show up in my Sunday Scenes. I guess it will not be the Same Old Sundays after all! How fortunate for you!

Week 12
If you view this at the original size you will see that Ferdinand got his girl!! And I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. With my camera. I was not stalking them. Nor am I a cow perv. Really. 

Week 11
I think Ferdinand it stalking the ladies. 

Week 10
Springtime in the pasture. We know what that means, right Ferdinand?

  Week 9
Up Close and Personal. This is how you get cow slime on your camera lens.

Week 8
This week's photo is brought to you by Alfred Hitchock!! The BIRDS!! We had quite a few flocks of Robins coming through heading up North. 

Week 7
With the gloomy weather we have been having, the longhorns have not been venturing to the fence line. But this afternoon they came to visit because we tempted them with some fresh green weeds. Grass I mean. I got a great nose shot of this gal, but I liked how her horns framed my shot in this photo. The nose shots will have to wait for another day...

Week 6
Fabulously Foggy Morning. One of my friends is on the left waiting for the sun to show up.

Week 5
Sunrise over the hay barn. "Blue" is looking at me to see what is going on to the right of the barn. Everyone else is way in the back enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Week 4 
This is the pasture in the rain, another Texas rarity. Everything looks so dreary and broken.

Week 3
This is Ferdinand on the right and two of his "girls". He gets them all to himself! Not enough green grass for them yet.
 Week 2
I cheated with a close up of  Momma and Baby . They look so much alike! On the left is the proud Pappa we call Ferdinand.
Week 1
A rare look at a Texas snowfall. The cows are behind the barn on the right, way in the back.

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