Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Year in Trees

I feel like my life is like a tree. I've planted my roots in the soil and I am attempting to grow up from what foot hold I have on this earth. Sometimes I am branching every which way ~ turning towards the sun or away from the wind. I will reach my arms to the sky with an exclamation or sometimes throw a fist back down to the earth in disgust. My colors or my moods, like the leaves on a tree are ever changing with the seasons or even with the time of day. I find myself changing with the sun or the rain or even the temperature.

At the beginning of the year I tried to identify my style as an artist and what direction I wanted to take my art. I thought I was not sure, but as the year comes to an end and I look back at the photos I have taken I realize I have found my niche! I have a thing!

In the coming year I will continue taking long walks in the woods with my eyes to the sky looking at the patterns made by the morning sun on the branches and shadows on the trunks. I will capture the visitors that nest and make homes high in the branches or rest while passing through and maybe next year my "thing" might be the birds!

All images (c) 2013 MicheleCatino


  1. Love it! Beautiful collection of images!

  2. Trees are amazing, and are so happy when we find our way to them. (at least that's how I think) :) Beautiful collection.