Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding the Right Path

I'm not a "keep up with the Jones'" kinda girl. I'm never "in the loop". I'm no "sorority sista" nor did I ever want to be one. As a matter of fact, when I moved up to middle school from grade school, I was still wearing my elementary school Danskin's pants and saddle shoes when all the other girls were suddenly wearing Levi Jeans and Clogs. At some point back then, I tried to fit in. I went to get some back to school clogs after the rush of back to school shopping was done and over. I found a pair but they were too small. I crammed my feet into them and wore them to fit in, but they hurt. I looked like one of the crowd, but I didn't "feel" like one of them.

And so it goes in life. One tries to fit in, to be one of a group, to belong to something, to be the same.

When I got to college and it was time to choose what I wanted to do the rest of my life, it was a hard choice. I changed my mind and schools enough to prove that point. I had a brother and a sister who were in engineering schools and another brother and a boy friend who were in programming. I started off on a path in art, but I felt like I needed to keep up with the siblings, and that my choice of art wasn't good enough. I eventually ended up with a bunch of students in a pre-med program at school studying science and chemistry.

 I was doing fine but I didn't "feel" like I fit in. My senior year I changed my major back to art.
With my heavy science background I ended up getting jobs in technical industries. I developed multimedia training programs for financial companies, medical equipment companies, flight simulation and the defense industries. All along the way, I never blended in with the crowd, didn't fit in. I learned that it was ok to be different, but like wearing the wrong shoes, it hurts.

Following the wrong life path really can hurt. It can show up as bad moods, headaches and actual physical pains. I am out of the rat race now and no longer trying to fit that mold. I am pursuing what I love AND I no longer hurt!

Follow your own path, love what you do and make it work for you. There is no sense in wearing the wrong shoes just to "fit in" because it doesn't feel right. And besides, it hurts your feet.

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Until next time,
~ Michele

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