Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making a Collage by Combining Photos

I would love to have my artwork all over the house! But that is not going to happen anytime soon. But, I did decorate my laundry room with some bird photo blocks that I made this past summer. Here is the make over:

The window in the laundry is decorated with faux shutters on the sides. They were shelving boards cut to length at Home Depot and I painted them with chalk board paint.

I really want to add an image that is more "laundry" related. I had this one more image that works with the photo block set, featuring three birds on a wire. This is a cropped section of it:

I call this one "A little bird told me". Today in the cold Texas fall I strung up some clothesline rope between two trees and used some clothespins to hang up a couple of vintage pillowcases like so:

Of course my helper was with me as you can just about see her tail end. She cleared the area of all rabbits and squirrels. I took this image and merged it to the birds so it looked like the birds were sitting on the clothesline!

It almost looks like a sundress and a pillowcase. I just added the tree photo as a layer and erased out the background, trees, leaves and of course the dog.

I then merged this one to the final photo "block" and added some apropos text.

And this image is available now in my Etsy shop, on canvas.CatinoCreations.Etsy.com I will be making the other photo blocks available on canvas as well, so you can decorate your own laundry room. Which, I hear, is for the birds!

Until next time!

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