Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vintage Crafty

As you may know I am participating in an online photography challenge on FLICKR sponsored by Daphne Ellenburg of Ellenburg Photography . You can play along if you'd like too, here is the information about it:
This week our theme is Stackable. I decided on taking a photo of some stacked up pretty spools of ribbons and lace. I did this on a white background, but wanted a more "dreamy" "girly" look so I taped up some 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to the "wall" I made with a piece of mat board. I put a matching one down on the table as well.

I ended up shooting about 40 or so shots of this set up from different angles while the sun faded in and out behind the clouds. Ended up adding another spool of lime green to the stack to make a pop of bright color and I really liked that effect. This is the shot I ended up with ultimately.

Don't you agree about the pop of lime green? Anyways, I got carried away and started bringing out to the back patio "studio" all sorts of sewing and craft boxes of ribbons, scissors, buttons and threads. Really carried away to where I was out there until the sun was gone behind the clouds and it was mid afternoon, no longer mid morning and the natural lighting was gone...

I also have a bunch of vintage tins that I have been wanting to photograph in some manner and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. With my large lace collection and vintage buttons and tins I thought I could make a set of crafty sewing room art pieces. These following photos are the pics that made the cut among the clutter!

I used an aged photo tin type overlay on these to give them their vintage look. With that vintage layer and the edge burn they had the perfect aged shabby chic look.

But with all the textures added on you can hardly tell that I used a different scrapbook paper on the back wall for each shot. Or maybe you can tell. It all adds to the ambiance anyways. Here is another shot of my outdoor studio and my "office dog". She was really into it all.....s n o o z e.....!

You can find these Vintage Craft Room photos and others in my online store
Please have a visit! Until the next adventure.....michele

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