Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good For You

It seems as if most of my posts are centering around the theme of the week for the 52 week challenge I am participating in with Ellenburg Photography ( for information on how to join in on the weekly challenge fun). This week's theme is "Good For You".

With this topic, I immediately thought about exercise. And then that thought quickly faded, as do most of my workouts... Then I got my thoughts immediately onto food. Fruit. Vegetables. Then fried chicken, pizza, cake, and desserts. Wow those Good For You thought deteriorated quickly as I thought about the heartburn. But somehow I kept thinking back to my mother-in-law and peppers and onions and garlic and sausage. Good for you comfort food that in the end will ward away those mosquitoes I keep having trouble with.

Here is my garlic set up on the kitchen table. Nothing too fancy. Garlic scattered about with a table runner on the back of a chair as a neutral textured background. Notice the office dog waiting and searching for morsels of something to be dropped... This is the still life photo I started with from the above setting.

On a side note, I actually once went out and bought Garlic pills in the health food section of a pharmacy in the vitimin isle. This was to keep myself from being sucked dry as I seem to be a pin cushion for skeeters. I don't know why I am soo attractive except that I must be exceptionally sweet. The garlic pills did not work by the way...

Back to the photo art...I took the above photo and lighted it and cropped it to this...

Then I used one of the freebie textures I got from  as I mentioned before, but I flipped it up.

and layered it over the shot at about 60% opaqueness if that is a word...

There was not enough of the subject showing through, but I didn't want to lose any of the textured layer elements so I went at the garlic with the erasure to bring the Good For You subject to the foreground better.

Almost there. I was pleased with this but I warmed up the color a bit and brightened it up a bit to get this final shot...

I printed it out onto watercolor paper for a matt finish and popped it temporarily into a chunky framed I have and I think it came out nice and old world looking. I will have to buy some peppers and onions today and do my Mother-in-law proud with some more Good For Yous.

This photo will be available in my online store soon! Until the next adventure get some good for you into you! Michele

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