Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Winter is OVER

It is getting hot here in Texas. Almost to the point where we have to keep the AC on day and night. I like to open the windows at night so it has to be under 75 degrees. Some nights, especially in the summer, it doesn't even drop below 80. Good grief! And with this heat our winter flowers are burning out. Especially the winter flowers, petunias and pansies. I have already dug mine up and replaced them with something more heat tolerant.

This is a pic of one of the purple pansies I dug up from out front. I grabbed a shot of it after I dug it out of the trash bin heading for compost.

This is not the exact shot. But I merged the pansy shot with a pretty Bokeh texture from that I have been waiting to use and this was the perfect opportunity.

This is the texture I used:

I dropped the opacity to 50% or so and the two together looked like this:

I gently erased the texture on the flower and the greenery a bit to end up with this:

One final crop to a square and it was off to my ETSY shop

So no more pansies until next winter unless I get some cropping up in my compost heap! I called this "Winter Fades" Until the next adventure ~ Michele

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